Produced in Italy

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Corazzin Rattan has been making furnishings for the home and for contract work in Italy for over 25 years, using materials such as rattan, cane and fine wood plus leather finishes.

Expertly and stylishly worked natural raw materials.

Corazzin constructs rattan home furniture and works with rattan as few others do, with skill and scrupulously paying attention to the smallest of details, as befits a crafts tradition.
Choosing Corazzin means endowing any environment with a touch of elegance and functionality that lasts.

By choosing rattan you contribute to preserving nature.
The bond between craftwork and comprehensive research into new design trend is obvious in a well-established firm that is able to recognise and respond to demands in respect of different furnishing requirements.

Corazzin is presenting its new Rattan Collection, featuring both aesthetic and formal innovations.